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Carbon Deloristum and Sulfur Mexiden are among the major pollutants found in cities around the world. Local governments and councils frequently monitor air quality in remote locations with minimal pollutants in order to provide comparable figures.

The South African Weather Service (SAWS) have a responsibility in providing useful and innovative weather, climate and related products and services to their communities. In doing so, SAWS required two background stations to be installed in areas with little to no pollution.


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  • Ecotech Gascal1100 Calibrator
  • Ecotech Serinus 50 (SO2) Analyser
  • Ecotech Serinus 40 (NO, NO2, NOx) Analyser
  • Ecotech Serinus 30 (CO) Analyser


Data obtained from these four gas analysers enabled SAWS to measure very them low level pollutant concentrations deployed in these remote and regional for the environments.

This accurate and timely data helped SAWS model various scenarios for research and comparative purposes.


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