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Student Visa United States of America

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About United States of America

The “American dream” has always been ruling almost every heart that wishes to study in the land of opportunities. With the world’s 3rd largest population, the USA is a melting pot of culture, with people from worldwide gracing the American soil with the dream of making it big. The land of skyscrapers, well complimented with wonders of nature like the Yellowstone National Park, sunny beaches and many man-made wonders, attracts USA as a dream destination for students to pursue their academic dreams. Universities like Massachusetts institute of Technology, Harvard University, Stanford, Yale, Colombia and many Universities shape the dream of many students.

The United States of America is the land of giant opportunities. A country having the largest economy, invests on higher education than any other. This educational super power has always topped the international rankings where the universities have been a count. According to the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS), 15-205 of all graduate level students in the US are international students.

It’s a country that boasts of the maximum inflow of international students, as there are educational institutions and colleges that suit the need of every student aspirant. Studying in this globally renowned league of universities, is well balanced with amazing wonders of this beautiful land of unspoiled wilderness bathed in wonders of natural beauty, which has been a mode of relaxation and rejuvenation in this fast paced leading economy of the world.

The student life in the US is an enriching experience. The Americans have mastered and structured the academic programs, integrating classroom theory with relevant practical exposures, which enables and shapes a student to stand professionally equipped. Accommodation for international students in the US facilitates both on-campus and off-campus options. Most of the international students prefer living off campus. It seems more affordable, especially if one finds understanding roommates they can share it with. Signing a lease and a monetary deposit is statutory before moving into a house or an apartment.

The American belief of opportunities helps put forward ones ideas and self-expressions. Americans are very patriotic and very proud of their lifestyle. They love to go out during the weekends on picnics, and enjoy activities like hiking, camping, skiing, mountain climbing, and sailing. The US has a wonderful facility of transportation for the students right from busses, trains and subways at affordable prices.


  • Campuses have various events, clubs, sports facilities and other activities which gives you a chance to interact with many fellow students and make you more open-minded. It also adds those extra-curricular skills to your resume.
  • Working on campus while you study is usually a part of student life for international and local students alike. You can work for 20 hrs per week on campus while your course is running and full time while having your vacations.
  • You can also get the benefit of acquiring the practical training for a period of 1 year after successfully completing your course.
  • You may be eligible for H1B visa which is a work visa
  • You can be a part of on campus live events in various fields that occur on weekends in most universities. There is something for everyone to enjoy!
  • The entirety of the USA has a lot to offer- natural beauty places, mountains, coasts, nightlife cities such as Las Vegas and Miami, national parks and famous towns and cities. Planning your study vacation and weekend breaks has never been easier!
  • World class faculty and great visiting professors and engage in conferences, debates, talks, workshops and educational events.
  • Indian students will never feel far away from home here. USA has a huge population of Indians and there will always be a good number of Indian students studying with you and students from various other backgrounds as well. This will make your transition in the new country very smooth and helpful. And if you miss Indian food, and your life in India, then you can always head to the choicest Indian food places in your town/city or go to the community functions where your home sickness will be well taken care of.

As a student in any of the US Universities/Colleges you will get guidance, help and support on:

  • Admissions
  • Finance support through various scholarship options (add scholarship section link here)
  • Accommodation options
  • Entertainment options, food, safety, healthcare and safety, etc through student unions, help lines, help centers and university websites.


The first thing we at KARM would do is to talk with YOU! Find out which were your most likeable subjects while in school/college. What is your passion, your hobby, your future goal? Then try to fit the most apt course which can match your hobby/passion and can connect you directly with your desired future goal. We will also talk with you about your family, the budget, and ways to overcome any financial constraint. We will make it a point that YOU reach your dream destination.


We at KARM will guide you at every step starting from choosing the best fit course till the time you reach USA. We will guide you through the various documentation required for the purpose of Admission. According to your aptitude the best suitable English Test for you will also be advised. Guidance on how to appear for a Telephonic or Skype interview will be given. After the process of successful admission we will also guide you for the visa documentation. We work very closely and extensively with our Students not leaving a chance for them to not to get a visa!


We at KARM will assist you in getting the best travel itinerary. We will guide and help you through FOREX and Travel Insurance. We will assist you to find you an accommodation (if other than University dorm) taking into account the factors like distance and cost. Stay in touch with us, and then we will also be able to guide you through the pathways leading to Permanent Residency for You and your dependents.