Mehul Rajgor


A commerce graduate with the vision of an entrepreneur, Mehul discovered the opportunity to excel in the field of student career counselling and immigration. His rich experience, analytical thinking, backed up by the urge for achievement through focus, hard work and determination, is the professional blend that describes him as an entrepreneur. With transparent intentions, Mehul implemented entrepreneurial theories as the foundation stone on which Karm stands as a consultation firm of high repute.

Nourished with technical acumen and a research oriented thought process, Mehul has emerged as a veteran in the field of Visa processing and Overseas recruitment through career guidance. The value of guidance for people to adorn a career path was the key that ignited ideas and paved a professional path in his business mind to venture into his chosen field of expertize.

His business acumen reflects in his decision making prowess of constantly updating the self with rules and regulations, updates and the ever-changing needs that arise.

Year 2008 saw Mehul venturing into network marketing to spread his awareness and expertize. He started focusing on capitalizing and expanding his areas of operations by associating with agents who deliver the needed opportunities for career dreams in universities and colleges for the aspirants. He has been meeting his client requirements through these agents, dressed with a professional attitude and a graceful conduct.

Mehul’s die-hard search for constant growth, helped his judicious decision to venture into business to business, expanding the scope of volume and value, keeping the all time factor of ever rising demand into consideration. Business to business envisioned his focus on increased sales, cost reduction, meeting government regulations. Engaging in a step by step process through various professional channels and monitoring every need before delivering the product and services, undergoes Mehul’s eagle eye scrutiny.

Enabled with a planned vision, Mehul’s success rests on his quest for enhancing his knowledge through a never ending attitude of learning and acclimatizing the self with the winds of change. He adorns the path of hard work mixed with smart work, which leverages his passion and motivates him on the road to success. An embodiment of discipline and courage, he exhibits the taste of a thorough professional while maintaining a decorum in a highly disciplined environment. The element of optimism and self belief has been his never ending walk of life.