Jaideep Indorkar


Clients are the kings. To keep the clients happy, Karm has the trump card named Jaideep. His rich experience in handling clients and their concerns has indeed been a boon to the business image of Karm.

Through his client support expertise and clarity of purpose, Jaideep maintains an approach through value creation by analyzing the clientele needs in a client centric manner that meets the needs and wants of every client. His efficient pattern of handling queries and concerns has seen an upward surge in the client walk-ins.

Business development has been his forte. He explicitly studies the continual changes in the market that affects the business activities. He operates through a plan of increasing business opportunities by identifying the client needs and meeting them through strategic implementation after studying the ever changing business scenario.

He is the “eye of the tiger” that ensures an effective implementation of business development and branding initiatives.

He is enabled with a knack of efficiently implementing planning, which improves the quality of client service, ensuring increased sales opportunities. He creates a passionately satisfied client friendly environment through his efficiency in handling queries with dignity and respect.