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Immigration Visa Canada

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Why Immigrate to Canada

Canada bathes in the beauty of being a magnificent country with it’s varied landscapes, abundant wildlife and pristine beauty, well supported by it’s diverse ethnicity, making it a privilege for being a part of the wonderland of warmth and beauty.

Enter Canada – Pursue your dreams!

The strong Canadian economy entices immigrants as among the top choice destinations. An ideal country to live, work, set up a business and pursue higher studies. The transparent government policies are a breath of relief that has supported their high employment rate handling. The skilled worker shortage takes in the overseas migrants, providing them opportunities of employment in various industries. The skilled migration history has always has always been the factor of growth of the Canadian economy. The skilled workers play a vital role in the economic development through their productive contributions.

Canada is one of the world’s top immigration destination with over 200,000 new arrivals coming under the Canada immigration system every year.

Canada being one of the richest nations having an impressively high per capita income, boasts of a high standard of living. Having won many global awards for it’s overall quality of life, Canada, the environment friendly paradise is indeed a dreamland to settle in. Breathtaking beauty mesmerizes and runs down the spine of every visitor to Canada. Places of wonder enveloped in the landscape beauty of scintillating locations are indeed a treat to the eye. Canada reflects a very progressive, multicultural and diverse image. A strong cultural identity is what Canada portrays through it’s rich ethnic culture. Literature and theatre thrives and specializes in meaningful depths of art, culture and ethnicity.

The thriving Canadian economy is a host to employment opportunities. The mainly sought out manpower are in healthcare, IT and engineering. People with skills such as carpenters, electricians, plumbers are a perennial demand.

The quality of the Canadian lifestyle is among the best one can find. The Canadian lifestyle and economy welcomes employment opportunities to potential skilled migrants. The opportunity for these migrants is huge in numbers with varied options. The flourishing and fast growing economy welcomes businessmen and investors to establish a foundation of their project ventures.

Migration has evolved as a major turnaround in the Canadian culture. Multiculturalism has been welcome by the Canadians which made the immigrants feel comfortable on the Canadian soil.


Canada chooses skilled immigrants to be permanent residents based on their ability to settle in Canada and take part in their economy. Canada has opened its door wide open to invite eligible immigrants from all parts of world through various programs. An applicant has a wide variety of options for Immigrating to one of the most beautiful countries of the world.


This is a system launched by CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) for people with skilled work experience. If you are eligible under the below mentioned three programs then you might be invited by the Government of Canada to apply for Immigration and grant you a Permanent Residence status.

Express Entry is used to manage applications for permanent residence under these federal economic immigration programs:

  • The Federal Skilled Worker Program,
  • The Federal Skilled Trades Program, and
  • The Canadian Experience Class.

The Express Entry system has two steps:

Step 1) Potential candidates complete an online Express Entry profile

Potential candidates will complete an online Express Entry profile. This is a secure form that they will use to provide information about their:

  • skills,
  • work experience,
  • language ability,
  • education, and
  • other details that will help us assess them.

Those who meet the criteria of one of the federal immigration programs listed will be accepted into a pool of candidates.

Step 2) The highest-ranking candidates in the pool will be invited to apply for permanent residence

Candidates will be ranked against others in the pool using a point-based system called the Comprehensive Ranking System. Points are awarded using the information in their profile.

Candidates with the highest scores in the pool will be issued an Invitation to Apply. Candidates will be awarded points for:

  • a job offer, and/or
  • a nomination from a province or territory, and/or
  • skills and experience factors.

A candidate can get additional points for:

  • a job offer supported by a Labour Market Impact Assessment, or
  • a nomination by a province or territory

These additional points will make a candidate rank high enough to be invited to apply at the next eligible round of invitations.

If someone is invited to apply, they will have 90 days to submit an online application for permanent residence.

  • Candidates can stay in the pool for up to 12 months. If they do not get an Invitation to Apply for permanent residence within 12 months of submitting an Express Entry profile, they may submit a new profile.


The Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) allow Canadian provinces and territories to nominate individuals who wish to imimmigrate to Canada and who are interested in settling in a particular province.

Each Canadian province (except Quebec, which has a different selection system) and two territories have their own unique Provincial Nominee Programs. Participating provinces and territories sign agreements with Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) that allow them to select immigrants who meet the requirements that they have set forth.

Provincial and territorial governments have been using these programs to more effectively and efficiently welcome newcomers to their region. Each PNP is tailored to the province's/territory's specific needs to select nominees who will be able to settle into life and work in the region and to effectively contribute to the community.

The Provinces and Territories also have programs which align with Express Entry; granting the candidates a quicker way of invitation for Immigration..

Provinces and territories can also recruit candidates from the Express Entry system through their Provincial Nominee Programs to meet local labor market needs.

There are many other programs through which one can immigrate to Canada; if you do not get eligible under the above programs. . Please click here to find out under which program you will be eligible.


  • There are innumerable programs through which one can immigrate to Canada. If you are keen to go & settle sown in Canada then we can assess your profile and assure your eligibility under any of the Immigration Programs Canada offers.
  • Our profile assessments are authentic and we assure 100% visa guarantee.
  • If you have already applied to Canada Immigration and are awaiting a reply/decision since long then we can help you to expedite your process and get you eligible to receive your visa faster!
  • If your points are low in the Express Entry Category, then we can help you get a Provincial Nomination.
  • We can help you select an occupation code out of more than 500 on the list, to get you one that best fits your profile.
  • Our counseling services will be bespoke- we understand everyone’s profiles are different and hence we offer tailor made guidance to ensure that each profile has the best chance of succeeding.
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