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Immigration Visa Australia

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Why immigrate to Australia

The paradise down under welcomes you as one of the most ideal immigration destination, cupped in a strong economy with a high living standard. Australia provides abundant job opportunities for overseas skilled migrants, The favorable government policies play a welcoming role to skilled individuals to live, work, study and run business in this Kangaroo land.

Skilled workers have always been a shortfall in Australia, as the economy keeps demanding the work force in various sectors and domains visa applications is a welcome treat for the Australian government as there are constant Job vacancies in various sectors i.e. Education, healthcare, engineering, IT sector, hospitality etc.

The progressive and healthy society of Australia is an immigration hot spot. The economy spreads out a "red carpet welcome" to skilled workers and business brains carrying their professional dream set-ups. It’s the land of opportunities for both skilled workers and individuals backed up with the business land.

The high employment rate is a welcoming avenue for skilled and experienced job applicants, as the land of opportunities ensures many options to those who walk in with a dream of making it big. Rewarding employment opportunities is the amazing appeal that welcomes migrants with their expertise to the Australian soil.

The boon of nature is pretty evident with the land of dream destinations being cradled in the wonder lap of amazing natural beauty. The flaura and fauna and the perennial warm weather boost the outdoor culture, which mirrors the robust lifestyle of its inhabitants. Mother earth has blessed Australia with a never ending route of eye catching and pulsating wilderness area, with a few attaining the statute of National parks.

The charm of Australia being an immigrant friendly country, especially for those streaming the blood of culture in their veins, will never be disappointed with the rich Australian cultural diversity.

Mouth watering options of food delight is curved in its best quality through many renowned eateries that stretch the Australian map wide across. The food experience is well supported with a rich array of arts, culture, theater, exhibits, films, concerts and carnivals that sprout goose-bumps.

Being a flourishing economy the land under boasts a high standard of living, which is reflected in the Australian lifestyle, it adorns an electric and pulsating lifestyle that is effulgent with the finest facilities needed for human survival on the grounds of a healthy and comfortable living. The low crime rate certified by the W.H.O. sparkles as the jewel in the crown of the Australian economy.


There are many ways to immigrate to Australia through ensuring compliance with Australia’s Immigration laws and integrity. Immigration can be of the following types:

  • Skilled Immigration (Subclass 189)
  • Invited Immigration (Subclass 190 and Subclass 489)

The immigration system of Australia is divided into various Subclasses. It is a point based Immigration system. The DIBP (The Department of Immigration and Border Protection) publishes the list of occupations through which individuals can be eligible to apply for Immigration Only certain occupations are eligible for the Skilled Visa program and also the occupations which are available depends on which visa subclass we apply for. Their current legislative instrument provides the number of occupations which are available for different visa subclasses.

The application process is categorized into 3 to 4 stages depending on the applicant’s nominated skill.

  • Skills Assessment Stage
  • Expression of interest
  • State sponsorship (if required)
  • Visa application

Depending on what type of visa(s), the applicants are eligible for, they may receive an invitation to lodge their visa application subject to certain factors. The time period for the entire process ranges from 6 to 18 months. Australia provides family immigration program. There are chances where in you can even invite your parents to reside with you and your family permanently if all the terms and condition of the Immigration rules and regulations are followed. There are certain threshold requirements to apply for the visas under the above mentioned categories. Click here to find out whether you are eligible to apply for Australia Immigration.

There are other programs available as well for migrating to Australia other than the above mentioned two pathways. Please visit our office or call us for further information.


Our motto is to provide full and complete information to our clients which would enable them to take a favourable decision. Migration is a tough decision to make. We know that and we will assist you to take this decision very smoothly and help you with each and every point for this transition. We will guide you and advice you the best possible ways taking into consideration the factors such as the cost and the least process time. As mentioned above Australia Immigration is Point based system.

We will Assist you with the following

  • Not getting enough qualification points? We can help you achieve them.
  • Your occupation is not on the skilled occupation list? And you want to immigrate to Australia? Don’t worry! We can still get you to Australia!
  • We will guide you through all the stages of immigration with respect to Documentation requirement. We will give you bespoke counseling and guidance throughout the way.
  • Our assessments are authentic and we will offer you transparent and valuable advice to help your Immigration application to be successful.
  • We also offer pre and post departure services that ranges from finding accommodation, booking flights, airport pick-ups, to Forex

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