Canada is a unique land of diverse ethnicities, clad in magnificence of beauty in its beautiful landscapes, amazing wildlife and an indefinable breathtaking beauty that garlands a privileged living for the Canadians. Canada, takes the world’s breath away with its majestic range of landscapes, glacial peaks, ice-fields, green vegetation, and massive mountains. The two official languages are – English & French!

Students planning to charter their future on the Canadian soil are welcome with top notch educational institutions. The international reputation of Canada has been a consistent quality of international degrees on offer. Considered one of the leading abroad educational destinations, the degree’s on offer are equivalent to United States, UK or the commonwealth countries.

The cream of students being nurtured in the Canadian universities are empowered with the credentials and qualities of a highly consistent level, over 10,000 undergraduate and graduate degree programs are on offer in more than100 known and reputed institutions. Every year, 180,000 international students choose to study in Canada, a country fast becoming one of the favourite global study hub. This ethnically diverse city is a robust platform of higher education and research with many reputed educational institutions such as the University of Toronto. The 2015 QS World University Rankings rank the City the 8th-best place in the world for educational accomplishments. As far as the safety to to the people and their living, the United Nations consistently ranks Canada one of the best places in the world to live in- given its low crime rates.

Studying in Canada has become s hot spot study location for students to carve a career with a competitive edge. Canadian university campuses facilitates the latest in technology and modern amenities, Olympic- quality sports facilities, art galleries, and public concert halls. Students can avail opportunities to meet like-minded peers and gain valuable international student experience through student clubs and student-run governments. Some fun activities that can keep the adrenalin flowing outside their classrooms include sailing, hiking, skiing and sledging! 

Students can enjoy and thrive in the varied lifestyle in this beautiful country, along with great health care benefits, and the warmth and friendliness of the polite locals.

Some popular courses at the undergraduate level- Bachelor of Engineering & Bachelor of Administrative Studies, and at the postgraduate level- PGD in management, MBA, MS and LLB degrees.