About Us

“Karma”, the voice of moral judgement originating in a human mind, determines our course of action and results according to the nature of our efforts. So being, Karm was the name that inspired and baptized the dream of “Karm Consultancy into existence.

The year 2003, month of October saw the inception of Karm Consultancy as the brain child of Mehul Rajgor. The ardent support of his mother, Mrs Jyotika Rajgor, a British citizen, as a partner was a blessing that helped him initiate his dreams into reality.

What we do

Acquiring the needed education makes a student to tread the career path in confidence, towards the fulfillment of career dreams. Karm provides myriad educational career options to students through counselling, and guides them to pursue their dreams in reputed Universities and colleges.
Counselling by experienced counsellors, keeping in mind the student requirement, helps the students navigete the routes of discovery and development in their career dreams.

The search process for the appropriate placements is further intensified by team Karm to offer the best possible career options to the students at their choice destination. The candidates are helped and guided to meet the statutory requirements to complete their course of choice.

Karm moulds each candidate to be calm, confident and focused at every step of the admission process. Major ideas of critical thinking, reasoning, analytical thinking is taught, which helps the candidates handle every situation with utmost smartness, leaving no room for mistakes.

Karm plays a key role in strengthening the inner ability of every student through career guidance, boosting the students to make judicious decisions in choosing the career that offers them the best.