Ami Desai-Rajgor


Ami Rajgor, the magnanimous thought process of Karm Consultancy, is the wind beneath the wings that helps Karm propel and scale new heights. Equipped with an educational background in commerce (Bcom and Mcom), she further polished her knowledge through a diploma in HRM from the prestigious Social Work Faculty of MS University.
She has an inclination towards organizing, documenting, channelizing all activities in tandem with a mind that is always on a research mode, thanks to the corporate exposure in banking. Her banking exposure has enabled her abilities, which are being well en-cashed through her valuable contribution to Karm.

As a woman of substance, she justifies her contributions by putting things in the right perspective. Her abilities and attitude reflects her passion for work channelized effectively through diligent strategies. Her executive decisions are capable of influencing, motivating as well as analyzing problems and making the needed amendments. Her learning nature keeps her agile as she follows the updates in the industry through all the channels of communication, which helps her determine the market needs and trends. A team member, who has been consistently outstanding and ambitious, reflects in her personality dimensions of intelligence and problem solving knack. She today stands as an effective warhorse of overall management in the competitive industry of overseas recruitment and consultation. A well poised individual reflecting a leadership quality in today’s global workforce of the competitive industry of overseas recruitment and consultation, Ami has the potential of undertaking overall management and implementing programs effectively through her aggressive efforts.

Though progress has been a consistent part of Karm since inception, she firmly believes that more work on a consistent basis needs to be done to be among the best in the industry. She keeps a constant check on the staff development by providing regular feed-backs to help her employees achieve their developmental goals that contribute to the companies growth. Her management skills help judge the human worth by monitoring the performance of the employees, thereby identifying and enhancing the productive work through effective work behaviour. 
The quality of work, research, competition, changing norms and regulations, and in-depth market analysis are scanned thoroughly while going through the decision making process. She helps in coordinating the tasks to complete the activity in concern. Ami’s presence is valuable in the strategy process of planning and executing the decision making cycle which helps in the final voice of judgement. Designing a professional structure, resolving conflicts, designing and staffing, monitoring employee performance and motivating to achieve the desired results is Ami’s forte. .

The strategic brain that recognizes opportunity, analyzes and implements till the purpose is attained, is what the analyst called Ami is made of.